Leaks and decay and cracking stucco, OH MY!

In Florida, our buildings are subject to cycles of very harsh wind-driven rain and intense heat. The combination of these, as well as routine other maladies like falling tree limbs, damaged roofs, sinking foundations, compromised floor framing, crawl space collapses, and termite infestations, etc. often affect our buildings.

It usually requires a combination of “specialists” to address the required repairs properly. These include but are not limited to a building contractor, structural engineer, mold remediators, material testing companies, and the correct group of proper subcontractors to address YOUR SPECIFIC ISSUE - - no two are identical! We have all these services available through our network and can handle your specific structural issue properly. We offer - - - ONE STOP SHOPPING!

We will determine the true cause of the problem, prepare a required repair protocol, installation and eventual removal of the proper temporary structural shoring to make the issue safe, and the ultimate repair and finishing of the damaged items - - - one stop shopping!

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